Write With Me Challenge

So the other day I was thinking about how it would be really cool if creative writers had a challenge they could call their own. Everyone knows about NaNoWriMo in November, but what about the rest of the months? We should be writing daily if we want to sharpen our writing skills. Inspired by the Plan With Me Challenge, I came up with the Write With Me Challenge.
When I came up with this challenge, I wanted to create creative writing directed prompts to help you develop your novel or short story. Some of the prompts are fun, some are more writer-inspired, and some are visually inspiring. All relate to writing and are ways to inspire your creativity.

How do you participate?

Well, there is nothing to sign up for, there are no forms to fill out. All you do is write a list, 50-word paragraph, or do the other creative tasks daily and tag your entry #writewithmechallenge so others may find your entry. This can be on Instagram or on Tumblr, whatever platform you want to use to show your art!
There is also a Facebook group you can join so you can share your work with others there. I will be posting the prompts monthly here and on the group. There are month-wide prompts so you may write daily, but you can also skip days or do only the prompts that interest you.
Make sure to use the #writewithmechallenge hashtag on each post for the challenge.

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