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Forty-year-old Roxy Banks is a career-driven author who is popular for her books on the topic of being childfree. She is content with her life as a single woman without children. That's when it hits the fan: her sister has been convicted of drug smuggling and needs someone to look after her 1-year-old child while she is serving time. Ever the faithful older sister, Roxy agrees, even though she wouldn't know how to change a diaper to save her life. Things start to get sticky when she realizes she *ahem* knows the cute social worker assigned to her niece's case. Roxy finds her life disrupted in ways she had never imagined would happen at this time in her life. 

Character Sketches

Roxy Banks
Roxy has red, curly hair, the type of curls Ramona Quimby described as “boing boing,” and they fall into a short bob. Freckles are splattered around her body, and she doesn’t use makeup base because she prefers the unique look of her freckles.

Roxy is very slender and tall, what her best friend describes as “super model” tall. She tends to measure just a couple of inches under the men she dates. Tight t-shirts and skinny jeans with a pair of zip up motorcycle boots or converse low-tops tend to be her uniform. She has just turned 40 when the story begins, having gone to a karaoke party with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend. Roxy still looks about 10 years younger than she is.

Roxy’s parents were killed in an car accident when she was fourteen. Her younger sister, Phoebe, was only four at the time, and Roxy often looked after her, serving as a surrogate mother with their grandparents looking after the both of them. She decided in college that she didn’t want to have children due to her own experiences taking care of Phoebe as a teen. She has been in love twice, in high school and college. In college she dated a much older man whom she fell in love with. He later dumped her, producing her first heartbreak.

Roxy has a doctorate in women’s studies.
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