Saturday, March 25, 2017

Creative Writing Affirmations

What Affirmations Are and Why You Should Do Them

Affirmations are positive thoughts, either written or repeated to yourself, that reflect self-empowerment. While they may seem cheesy, and I think of Stuart Smalley when I imagine doing affirmations, they actually do work. Positive thinking has a great effect on our minds, and if we believe something positive has happened, we can trick our minds into believing it is true.

Creating Affirmations

For affirmations to work, they must be extremely personal. While you can find websites that have affirmations listed, these are not personal, and should only be used as inspiration for writing your own affirmations.

In order to write your own affirmations, choose an area of your life you would like to improve. In this case, I am encouraging you to write creative writing affirmations. Make sure when you write your statement to keep it succinct and to the point. That way you can remember it throughout the day instead of always having to read it. Also, make your affirmation achievable and present tense. Finally, make it actionable--write something akin to "I am (verb)," "I feel (verb)," or "I will (verb)."

An example of a personal affirmation for me is, "I am excited about my creative mind, and I will write two pages each day in April." (This is for Camp NaNoWriMo.)

I added a goal to the end, but this isn't necessarily needed.  

Another example:

"I feel proud of my strengths in creative writing."

The Power of Positive Thinking

I understand that this may not seem like it relates to writing, but positive thinking can help us achieve our goals. Studies have shown that when people believe they can do something, they are more likely to achieve that goal. Positive affirmations help with this. I encourage you to get your journal out and create some affirmations in order to read them daily before your allotted writing time. You will see gains, I promise.
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